Overview of El Rompido from the estuary.

El Rompido is a corner to discover. This small fishing town located in the Costa de Huelva hides some corners of singular beauty waiting to be discovered by the visitor lover of difference.

The town lives linked to Piedras estuary, to the point spread along its banks instead of having expanded inland, where a cliff overlooking the landscape of the Natural Park rises. These are some of the highlights that can not miss on your agenda during your stay in El Rompido.

1. Lighthouses El Rompido

El Rompido has two lighthouses, and also next to each other, something quite unusual in the Spanish coast. The lowest of them, del S. XIX, rises 24 m. above sea level and is deprecated, although it opens to the public on certain occasions. The new lighthouse, Huelva operated remotely from the Harbourmaster, lights every night sky El Rompido and arrow, guiding the sailors go to sea.

2. Plaza de las Sirenas

Although it is located near one end of the town, It is the true center of social life in El Rompido. In it the Church of Our lie. Mrs. del Carmen and some restaurants and cafes. Since opening the estuary you can have a privileged view of the Real de la Almadraba New Umbria, located on the other side of Piedras River.

3. Path “Rio Piedras”

It is something hidden, as it begins in the parking area next to the lighthouse. It's a short tour, only the hours, and disinclination, It is making it ideal for a relaxing stroll with family or couple.

The first section of the path is adapted and further comprising a gateway on the barrel of Tendal. During the trip you can observe aquaculture facilities, marshes and a variety of birds.

Footbridge over the Caño the Tendal

4. Boats moored in the estuary

Piedras estuary at anchor thousands of small pleasure craft, protected from waves by the Arrow. The funding is to drop anchor at the bottom of the estuary-hence its name- and tie the boat after (rope) which runs from the anchor to the buoy that indicates. Many times there are boats in the sand of the beach.

From the promenade of El Rompido you can enjoy a curious landscape and forming part of the day to day of rompieros.

5. Port of El Rompido

Skipjack is a type of crab whose main feature is the difference in size between its pincers. The left, larger, It serves the males to attract the attention of females taking small jumps while one waving in the air.

The rompieros take advantage of these extracting forceps carefully and serving them under the name “bocas”. The kite does not die in the process, but the clip will grow back over time.

At low tide you will see hundreds, thousands of barrels in the harbor, while you go to the ferry or go back to El Rompido walking down the pants FlechaMar.

Keg, mouth or fiddler crab

See you in El Rompido. And do not forget to tell us what was your favorite spot. And do not miss our6 advice to go to the Playa de Nueva Umbria (the number 6 It is our favorite).

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