The beach is a place to relax, rest, enjoy… Do not miss anything for a great day of sun and sea in the Natural Park.

We all like to lay on the towel and enjoy the sunshine, or freshen up at sea on a warm summer day. What we did not like so much is going loaded with a thousand things or, even worse, stress for having forgotten to bring or do something. We hope that this list only forget the worry and enjoy the perfect beach day:

1.- check Ferry schedules. So you can decide what time to arrive not to expect too much or having to queue. We recommend you here a 10 minutes before departure.

2. Calculate your route and think where you'll leave the car. If you do not know how to get, Google Maps will calculate the route for you. You can leave your car in several public car parks, so it's better to have them located to go to the adventure of finding parking.

3.- Ponte cream. If possible before leaving home, but remember to wear sunscreen to renew the anti shielding burns every two hours or after leaving the water. There are a thousand options in brands, sizes, application form… but it is important skin care.

but Cera, polishing wax

4.- bring water. You go to a beach declared Nature Spot, so the nearest beach bar is several kilometers. Hydration is important and the salty sea water probably will not take away the thirst.

5.- Take the essentials. The beach is a natural place. We know that sand can be uncomfortable and there is nothing like the sofa at home, but it's impossible to disconnect and relax when we are laden like mules as we walk the catwalk. It is about enjoying! An umbrella, towels and a small bag should suffice, but you can also take a light chair to sit.

Going to the beach is not to make the move… Even if we could live in it all summer!

6.- The world can wait. We know you lost productivity and stay in touch with acquaintances, but you deserve to enjoy this natural wonder without thinking about the pending work or the latest viral video circulating on the Internet. If you're using your mobile, it is to take a picture and give us envious of how well you're going. Do not forget to mention us!

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