This is our little tribute to the women who brought forward the Real de la Almadraba New Umbria with his tenacity and effort, and industry in an era dominated by men.

Today they are the protagonists of this short article in which we remember what life was like for these struggling against the odds.

Real talk Nueva Umbria is mainly men do: captains, guards, vigilantes, patterns, sailors… Nevertheless, Real life would not have been possible without his sisters, wives and daughters, from childhood worked hard and tirelessly to not lack food on the table for their families.

Childhood was short for Real and few girls could go to mixed school there had, and soon they were responsible for caring for their siblings or help with housework. The proximity of the sea allowed them little moments of freedom on the beach, where they enjoyed the sea with her friends. The teacher was also a woman, Doña Clotilde, who taught reading and writing to children who fit into the small school building was.

To buy, Cook, to wash… in the barracks it did not lack housework, albeit somewhat particular. Lunch prepared two furnaces that were in each shared room, clothes washed with water from wells, he lay in the gorse and buying was done without money. Half morning, Women walked to Cantina, Almadrabero Consortium shop located midway between the Royal New and Real Viejo, stocked up where necessary to prepare food. The request was noted in some notebooks of some thirty or forty sheets; when they filled, It was used a new one. And so until the end of the season, when liquidation and the value of the items removed at the Cantina was made it was subtracted from the corresponding pay.

Real women were industrious housewives, but also they are trying to get some extra income for the family picking figs in El Rompido farms or selling fish in Cartaya and Lepe, for what goods transported by boat and then by donkey. Women also came from El Rompido in boats laden with fruit, as watermelons and cantaloupes, which then they sold at Real.

Tireless from sunrise to sunset and still strong enough to encourage summer nights at the Royal, women who lived there are a sample of tenacity and commitment in a time when you were subject to their fathers and husbands. Our mothers, aunts and grandmothers were real flagships of their families, giving his life for his particular crew with care and affection. Capitanas were trapnet.