The rompieros celebrate their biggest festival in a very peculiar way: carrying his image boat river waters Piedras.

The last weekend of July is a date marked on the calendar of El Rompido, Cartaya. It is the festival of Carmen, bringing together young and old around the seafaring image.

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The festivities begin unofficially on Thursday night, with a dinner of coexistence in which people seniors congregate Cartaya and El Rompido. Belong to associations "Juan Pérez Pastor" of Cartaya and "La Patera" El Rompido and dinner, which it is organized by the City of Cartaya, It is including some performances.

On Friday night they officially start the festivities with the opening speech, usually give a resident of the town in the central Plaza de la Sirena. This emotional announcement is followed by more performances as a night verbena, taking advantage of the warm summer nights of El Rompido.
While it is a fairly quiet fishing village, El Rompido is filled with activity on Saturday his party with activities for children and adults: sports competitions, Cockaigne contests cucañas, gymkanas, popular games and workshops will delight all waiting for the traditional Spanish wine offered each year the Brotherhood of Carmen at night.

On Sunday: big day

Y, despite all of the above, the most special moment arrives Sunday, with the solemn Mass in honor of the patron saint of sailors and subsequent procession through the Piedras River. The image covers some streets of the town to reach the port of El Rompido, where he is boarding a boat to navigate the waters of the River Piedras. Dozens of boats of all sizes procesionan behind her, honking their horns, up to the mouth, where they gradually pass next to the image to make the offering of flowers. This procession has a strong security and rescue, ensuring the enjoyment of locals and curious who come each year to attend this curious celebration.

Do you want to come?

you can join the boat ride that FlechaMar organized every year during the procession, where we invite passengers to punch and give them some flowers for ofrendar. If you want to come, remember to book as early as possible in the 959 39 99 42 or the 669 86 20 12 to secure your place. Do not miss this unique opportunity!