20150514_103430West Coast of Huelva have a Product Club focused on Marine Tourism, in which they participate thirteen companies in the field of tourism, cannery, hospitality and fishing.

“From the sea to the plate, going through a sea of ​​sensations and experiences” It is the philosophy of this new initiative that brings together companies across the coast to offer locals and tourists a chance to see the capture of seafood and the natural environment where they live, its elaboration and final presentation in restaurants.

FlechaMar collaborate in this initiative with its known boat trips along the River Piedras, where we have years of experience showing our passengers the wonders of the Marshes Nature Reserve of Rio Piedras and Flecha del Rompido.

The agreement will take place next 14 May in Islantilla and will be the starting signal for this tourism initiative that hopes to follow in the wake of the success they have had other clubs Product in the province of Huelva, as the Wine Route County.