Commitment secondary CTTHE ROMPIDO, HUELVA - 22 April 2015 – FlechaMar ha anunciado hoy que ha sido galardonada con la distinción de Calidad en Turismo que otorga el Ministerio de Industria, Energy and Tourism through the Tourism Institute of Spain. The distinctive "Tourist Quality Commitment", accredits and recognizes the efforts made by participating companies.

Quality System in Tourism Destination (SICTED) es un proyecto de mejora de la calidad de los destinos turísticos promovido por la Secretaría de Estado de Turismo, With the support and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), que trabaja con empresas/servicios turísticos de hasta 32 oficios diferentes, with the ultimate goal of improving the tourist experience and satisfaction. pursuing anivel de calidad homogéneo en los servicios ofrecidos al turista dentro de un mismo destino a través de una methodology which it provides a comprehensive and permanent quality management system in tourist destination with a new conception of expected results, a focus on continuous improvement and an attitude recovery and value of resources and space.

La distinción se otorga a las empresas/servicios turísticos que han acreditado el compliance with the requirements fixed. Is a recognition of the efforts and commitment to quality and continuous improvement, while the establishment distinguishes from competition. The badge is valid biennial, although it is subject to an annual follow-up evaluation.

Get this recognition is for us a pride and an enormous satisfaction“, He said José Miguel García, Manager FlechaMar. “We implemented the SICTED one year and has allowed us to take a leap of quality in the services we provide to our passengers“.