In FlechaMar we conducted boat trips tailored to your group. We have years of experience and advise you without obligation to bring the cruise that best suits what you are looking. Once we confirm the ride, work hard to exceed your expectations it.

What events usually held on board?

  • Travel agencies: guided tours for groups, including IMSERSO.
  • school: guided tours and interpretive biologist with expertise in the area.
  • Company: incentives and event ...
  • Family: anniversaries, birthday, pre-wedding, post-bodas, ordered marriage ...
  • friends: bridal showers, end exams ...


A picture is worth a thousand words

Why a boat ride with FlechaMar?

We adapt to you
Constant communication, fluid and close is the key to our customer.
View of a unique natural park
The Arrow is the only beach in Spain that grows every year. further, It is home to the common chameleon and pulpy thyme.

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Certified quality

We are distinguished by the Ministry of Tourism by our professionalism and customer service.

And much more

easy parking, two output ports, flexible schedule, etc. Tell us what you need and we'll get to that wind in their sails!

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Tell us how you want your ride: preferred duration, schedule, with or without tasting, etc.