Lighthouse of El Rompido dominates the landscape of the town, with white and red. Nevertheless, next to it a smaller and oldest lighthouse rises, del S. XIX. Both make up the typical image of El Rompido.

A lighthouse at the mouth

El RompidoThe old lighthouse of El Rompido starts in 1861 and he was at that time against Punta Cat, that is to say, the arrowhead, so that marked the mouth of Piedras River. The design of this lighthouse, of frustoconical shape and flashlight decagonal, He corresponded to Angel Mayo and is very similar to Mesa Roldán lighthouse, in Carboneras, Opened four years ago.

The old lighthouse has a height 13 metros y el alcance de su iluminación era de 16 miles. From the Thirties, mainly due to increased scope of Lighthouse Mazagon, the lighting is replaced by a permanent one acetylene. That was in operation until 1976, with the entry into operation of the new lighthouse.

The new lighthouse

The tallest lighthouse is located just a few meters from its nineteenth neighbor, completing a stamp of tradition and modernity in a single image. this faro, build in 1975 and running from 1976, has 31 meters high and is 14 meters above sea level.

Su diseño es cilíndrico con bandas blancas y rojas, very similar to Harbor Lighthouse Huelva, and it is constructed with reinforced concrete.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe new lighthouse of El Rompido, unlike the previous, es operado a distancia por la Autoridad Portuaria de Huelva, por lo que nadie vive en él. Su número internacional es el D-2312 y tiene un alcance de 24 nautical miles overnight. The nearest running lights are those of Ayamonte and Huelva.