1. Behavior on board

You must maintain a civic behavior on board vessels. It is strictly forbidden:

  • Create situations that may threaten the safety of the ship, lifetime, health or personal dignity of other passengers or crew;
  • Disrespect or attack other passengers or crew, or behave in a manner threatening, abusive, insulting or disorderly;
  • Block traffic areas and emergency exits or deliberately interfere with the crew in fulfilling their obligations;
  • Drugs and other narcotic substances;
  • To drink alcohol, except drinks offered by our crew;
  • Smoking on board, including e-cigarretes;
  • Damage equipment or other property of the ship or taking any property of FlechaMar;
  • Use emergency equipment without authorization and rescue crew;
  • Running through the cover or manipulate the windows of the bottom cover.


  1. Respect for the Natural Park

Do not throw garbage on the arrow and remember to observe the flora and fauna present there. Always follow the instructions of informative posters and our captains for proper conservation of this privileged space.

  1. Luggage

You can carry with you. the objects it deems appropriate, provided they are not dangerous to other passengers. Out. is responsible for the safekeeping of your personal belongings and the company is not liable for any theft or robbery. Boarding of fishing carts and / or bicycles has a supplement of € 2 per unit. If you bring inflatable objects (boats, mattresses, floats ...), remember to inflate it on the beach and deflate it again to board. The transport of these objects on the ship is not allowed when inflated for security reasons..

  1. Pet

Two pets per person are allowed on the ferry only to the Catwalk 3, provided they are controlled and fastened all the way, in order to avoid inconvenience to other passengers. Pet boarding has a supplement of € 2 for each animal. The accompaniment of three or more pets for a passenger must be done by a taxi boat service to the outward and around. Pets are not allowed on the ferry to the Catwalk 2, Boat tour, boat rental or private routes.

  1. Returns

No refunds of tickets already delivered and subscribers are allowed, unless the service can not be performed. Exceptionally, the company may authorize refunds in case of delay or circumstances that do not allow servicing as planned. In both cases, the return must be requested at the time and, in any case, on the same day and within the opening hours of the box office.

Failure to comply with these rules may lead to the ban on shipment and even put the passenger at the disposal of the Security Forces.