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Get on board with FlechaMar is an experience to be enjoyed with all five senses. We are in a privileged space, compared to PaNatural raje Marshes of Rio Piedras and Flecha del Rompido, whose literal bar over 12 km has one of the best beaches in Spain, completely natural and unspoiled.


Tides rise to fill saltwater tidal incoming arrow and back down leaving them dry. This makes in one day see two different landscapes in one place. further, from the wooden walkway with which you cross to the beach You can observe the flora and fauna of the Natural Park as if you did a safari in nature in a sustainable manner for the environment. Arrow also grows to more than thirty meters per year and its beaches are constantly moving pace due to the action of ocean and wind.

This place is home to numerous animal and plant species, among which countless birds can perch perfectly with you while you sunbathe oceanfront. The main plants that inhabit the area are the retama, the espartina and Marram, but you can also see some pinyon pines and even oleander. yes, the main protagonist of the Arrow is the chameleon.

Chamaeleo chamaeleon

The common chameleon is a small arboreal reptile famous for its ability to change color. However, also they draw attention, especially the smaller family, his bulging eyes and able to move in all directions, as well as its long retractable tongue, its ability to inflate the body and the ridge characteristic crown his head.

Playa Nueva Umbria

Nueva Umbria beach stretches across the coastline of the Arrow, with an average width of 50 meters. Its fine golden sands in contrast to the blue of the ocean are the backdrop for beautiful photographs and also ideal for an afternoon relax corner while you take a sun bath and sea.

Five kilometers from officially nudist beach are the destination of many naturists, attracted by the vastness and excellent natural conservation thereof. In fact, at 2013 It was considered by the Journal as ABC the second best nudist beach in Spain.

Link to the Spanish Federation of Naturism

We are collaborating company of the Spanish Federation of Naturism and We offer a discount of 20% the Federated naturists to go to the catwalk 2, right which usually lie naturopathic.