You can board your dog on the ferry and then play with him on the beach of Nueva Umbria. Low occupancy of the beach allows peaceful coexistence between those who can not go to the beach without your pet and who does not want the dogs be approached.

Although officially it is not allowed the presence of dogs on the beach of Nueva Umbria, in practice there is an atmosphere of tolerance towards them and ample space available enables everyone has its place, including your pet.

Canine beaches, dog beaches and dog friendly beaches are those you can enjoy the sun and sea in the company of your dog. in Huelva (Andalusia) the only example is the beach of Nueva Umbria, also popularly known as Playa de El Terrón or Arrow Beach.

Where did not have any problems it is when your canine friend embark on our boats during the ferry service. We know that your holidays are not complete without the baby of the house and it is not always easy to find a place may be able to play together. We ask only that along the way you have control at all times, if other passengers could bother.

¡The hope on board! Do you know already our schedules?

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