NEW UMBRÍA marked trail

I propose we follow marked trails nearby in which to enjoy our natural areas.
Today is the turn of the "path of Nueva Umbria", a linear itinerary that runs through the marshes of Catalan and brings visitors to the birth of the Flecha del Rompido.

Catalan marshes are part of the complex of marshes Piedras River and its tributaries. Specifically in this case, it is the marsh that conforma around the Arroyo del Fraile and Caño de la Vera, almost at the mouth of Piedras. The trail starts at the intersection of Camino de Nueva Umbria road to La Antilla Lump. The route follows a substantially straight line on a paved road in poor condition.
During the first part of the itinerary the visitor enjoys extensive views on both sides of the marshlands and the Catalan Almenara Tower located on the cliff that rises above the campsite of La Antilla. La Torre is an old sixteenth-century defensive structure whose purpose was to guard the coast against possible raids by Barbary pirates.

Across the stones the resort extends Rompido, and aquaculture farms The Lancón. The path flies over the complex marismeño in which, when the tide is, It is very common to see many crustaceans that are eaten by gulls and other birds of the environment. After passing the bridge over the Arroyo del Fraile and runs a short distance on the southern edge of the marsh, the trail enters a landscape of sand and dunes. Right at this point the old road ends New Umbria and the rest of the route runs on a wooden walkway that saves by lifting the succession of dunes that mark the beginning of the Arrow. The vegetation model adapts to the new environment and becomes dominated by the white broom, sea ​​holly and Marram and serves as a shelter to the common chameleon, emblematic species of the natural landscape.

A very attractive route for all ages and low difficulty we hope you like it.
We wait in Rompido.

Fte.: Environment Ministry Junta Andalucia