Comes the time of year when we set a nice walk in the countryside, and we are going to propose some marked trails where you can enjoy our natural areas nearby. Today we present the closest to our population, which runs through the Marshes Nature Reserve of Rio Piedras and Flecha del Rompido, and it supports from land to ride we make our Ferry “sleepto call”.

This natural park stretches at the mouth of Rio Piedras, where the contributions of materials from the riverbed, along with the influence of the tides, It has given rise to a unique landscape, consisting of a system of marshes and sandy particular formation of about ten kilometers, parallel to the coast and called arrow coastline.

To walk the path that goes into the Flecha del Rompido the vital importance of this dune belt formed on coastal sediments is found. In addition to serving coastal protection against the scourges of the Atlantic Ocean, the vegetation, consisting mainly barrón, retama or pine, blanket interesting species like the chameleon. In addition to the natural wealth, The visitors will be captivated by the high landscape value of this place. Horizontality presented, together with the predominance of soft hues colors, They make it a place of unparalleled beauty.

In the productive waters of this marsh, rich in invertebrates, crustaceans, molluscs and fish, aquatic and marine birds that visit this enclave during their migratory routes feed. Shorebirds can be seen as the unmistakable oystercatcher, with its black and white plumage which contrasts with its pink legs, and striking teals, you have in this area their winter quarters. It is also possible to see the heavy flight of cormorants and various species of gulls.

To finish the day, we recommend you recharge your batteries enjoying the typical products of the area in the many bars and restaurants in El Rompido.
the hope!!