Flechamar is a family business founded in 2005, the result of a personal commitment to sustainable tourism in El Rompido that would make viable tourism promotion Marshes Nature Reserve of Rio Piedras and Flecha del Rompido with conservation. Since then, and through various services related to marine and maritime issues, We made it possible for thousands of people each year know this spectacular whim of nature whose future we must ensure among all.

The goal of the entire team of Flechamar is that you enjoy every moment of the journey, being attentive to every detail to make your experience perfect and keep a nice memory of a same. We are waiting on board.

captain Miguel, founder of Flechamar


Meet a unique setting

We enable you to enjoy the Marshes Nature Reserve of Rio Piedras and Flecha del Rompido sustainable and respectful with the environment, either through direct visits (ferry to the Arrow, boat rental) and through the dissemination of the environment (boat travel, custom routes, blog).


Development and Environment

He sustainable tourism development in El Rompido and the Costa de Huelva by responsible and careful use of exceptional natural resources of the area that allows the enjoyment of the same by the current generation and future.


A team at your service

Our service vocation places the customer at the center position of the company, the around which our activities are organized. We understand the service quality as a constant improvement in performance thereof, materials, etc., but mostly, we believe in quality as an ethical attitude in is right even when no one is looking (Henry Ford).