Carefully we spoil our fleet of boats, small but coquettish, so you always feel great on board. All have safety regulatory measures, evidently, and receive a thorough annual review in mechanics and aesthetics beyond its continued maintenance.

Both have passenger vessels, with whom we conduct boat travel and the ferry to the Arrow, and pleasure craft, with which you can enjoy a custom route, fishing trips or even rent them to navigate to your air.


Our flagship. It is equipped with two decks, additional space in the bow and stern and has audio system on both covers and bar and toilets on the lower deck.


Passenger ship. It is a single deck ship with additional space in the bow and features audio system, bar and toilets.


Passenger ship. It is a single deck ship completely clear extra space on foredeck. Its airy central space allows the placement of tables and it is our recommendation for small family events, goodbyes, etc.


Motor pleasure boat. It has several rod holders and an outboard motor 50 Hp, which makes it ideal for fishing trips and open sea. You can rent with or without skipper (It requires titulín).


Motor pleasure boat. It's new 2018 and it offers all comforts, in addition to an aesthetic that falls. You can govern without qualification with its outboard motor 15 CV , so your best bet is to go sailing along the river even if you have experience.